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I’m Ryde, and my life’s goal is to pursue creating as many things as I can that will bring joy to other people.

I love to just… make things.

I make video games and I’ve loved making video games since I was 10 years old and making really bad Naruto Roleplaying games. Now I’m in my mid-20s making a lot, LOT more than that — I can even make you a video game. 

I like graphic design, website design, brand design, & software design: it is unreasonably exciting for me to get to introduce small businesses or independent artists & entrepreneurs to all of the incredible technologies that exist and can make their business flourish, their workload halved, and their productivity and motivation for a business of their own love and creation to return. To be able to bring passion back into people’s lives by figuring out what they need to live their best lives and to be able to have the honor of being a part of that process, even creating that tool for them? The feeling I get when I’m thanked by those clients is something that will never not get me all choked up.

…I REALLY like to create things, okay?! And, honestly, I’m good at it! 

So hey, hit me up, yeah? Or come back to this page in a few days, when there will be some more info. Let’s work together!

Hit me up at me@ryde.work and let’s make something happen.

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