ZigaForm version 4.6.3


ZMD is available for the PC, a version available specifically for your operating system, whether Windows, Linux, or Mac. ZMD is also available on mobile devices, with both an Android and iOS version of the full game being developed alongside the PC version. 

10/28/2019 – Beta v0.2 out now!


ZMD is, and always will be, a free download, with the wish to make the game as accessible to as many people as possible without the need to immediately drop money in order to download it being a boundary.

However, if you enjoy the game and want more, please consider donating to support the development of this game and others, and you’ll get instant access to tons of bonus content, and even have the opportunity to get a mission made just for you.

Donations will go directly towards the development of an in-browser version that you can play on any device, and a web updater that will patch your game with the newest version while playing.

If you can’t donate but still want access to the bonus content or to support the game, come back on 10/21 for a page on how you can still do that!


From the start, ZMD was developed with a mobile port in mind, and we intend to release the final mobile versions alongside the final PC version if there is enough interest in it.

However, since mobile apps require unique kinds of testing to ensure they’re running smoothly, the mobile version will have a limited release  until it’s tested and fine-tuned well enough to present to the public.


Android Version
Beta v0.1 (10/16/19)

An iPhone port of ZMD is developed alongside the Android one and is currently playable, but remains unreleased until we obtain the resources for proper testing and the fees related to publishing a game that runs on iOS.

If you’re interested in becoming a tester for an iPhone / iPad port, please let your voice be heard so we know there’s interest, or help support the development of the mobile version by becoming a Patron!

iPhone / iPad

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